Liz Osborne

Selected Works

Robyn Kelly Mysteries
Dirty Laundry
On a full moon Friday the 13th, Robyn is challenged by bizarre events.
Patient Representative, Robyn Kelly faces conflict and challenges.
Health Care
Writing as Bridget Kraft
Fields of Gold
Historical romance
Writing as W.L. Hesse (fiction)

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The year is 2044. The German Occupation Authority has held the United States in a tyrannical grip for the past 100 years, ever since the Nazis emerged victorius in World War II.

Loner Scott Hanover hates the GOA for destroying his family, and regularly defies its harsh rule. Jailed for crimes against the state, he awaits execution in a New Mexico prison. Then one day, Hanover is given the chance to "escape". There is, hoever, a price to pay for his freedom. Hanover must travel back in time to 1944 to thwart the Nazis' plans. But there are GOA police on his tail, and one man in particular who will stop at nothing to see Hanover dead.

The task is impossible, and no one expects Hanover to come back alive. Can he survive the Timegate and change the course of history? In the end, it is Hanover alone who must risk everything to claim a new future for America.

"Timegate" was written by Walter Hesse and Liz Osborne, a father-daughter writing team. It was published shortly after Hesse was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Cover Art: Tami Taylor, Bothell, WA